This restaurant is not only my favorite place for Indian food but my favorite place ever! They are nice and their food is amazing. Better than any other and we are so happy to live nearby! I'd list all of their delicious dishes (i usually get the korma) but its all of them! And they have many options for spice level so it is always just right. Praise them!
– Jarrod Grimm
One of the best spots in the city for great Indian cuisine. The Naan is incredible, best I’ve ever had!
– Cork Hardin
Hands down the BEST Indian food in Baltimore! Not only is the food delicious but their costumer service is wonderful! Things we tend to order are: chicken korma, junelly, vindaloo, lamb korma and junelly, samosas, and the naan basket.
– Sheena Whitaker
We love Indian food, so why didn't we give Mount Everest a try earlier? No idea, but based on our first experience, they'll definitely see us again. We arrived very early (just before 6) on a Friday night and by 7 the place was packed. Still, service was friendly and attentive, and everything we ordered was delicious. I was especially thrilled to find saag paneer as good as the stuff I used to eat tons of at the late, great Mughal Garden on Charles Street. We shared samosas and naan, each ordered appetizers, and had a bottle of wine… all for $75! I would give Mount Everest 5 stars if they had a slightly more extensive wine list. The red we ordered was the driest on offer and it was just this side of sweet. Still, it was drinkable and everything else was great.
– Josefina Frazier